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One-touch access to your favorite morning alarm or nap times plus a double shot of "zero touch" snooze!

You're already sleepy so why mess around setting alarms and snooze buttons? zsnuz brings you 6 pre-set overnight alarm and 6 nap timers that countdown with a single touch. Activate 1 or 2 snooze times before you sleep or nap! No more fumbling to hit a snooze button ... zsnuz gives you a fadeout snooze gong that automatically rolls-over and disappears for "zero touch" snoozing! And don't forget to activate the ambient sounds for maximum chillaxation. zsnuz is the easiest sleep alarm and nap app on the planet!

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  • zsnuz demo or if text is your thing:
  • 6 alarm + 6 nap times are all pre-set for one-touch access … all customizable too!
  • Double snooze!  2 “zero touch” back-to-back snooze options, with all snooze times also customizable!
  • Mystic gong alerts you snooze 1 and 2 are counting down and fades away
  • “Chill” turns on default ambient sound (multiple white noise options) or …
  • Play your own background music from iTunes and press any alarm or nap time
  • Dim your alarm mode at night – just press the countdown window for on or off
  • Pause your nap at any time – just press the countdown window for on or off
  • Hit reset when the alarm goes off and you’re all ready for your next alarm time or nap!
  • Alarm mode example is 6:15 AM wake time with a 15 minute snooze, then a 9 minute snooze, plus chill sounds
  • Nap mode example is a 40 minute nap, with a 15 minute snooze, and chill sounds are on
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  • Set your default sound for morning alarm, nap and snooze alarms
  • Set your default “chill” background sounds too
  • Customize your own 6 favorite morning alarm and 6 favorite nap times
  • Customize 2 fade-away snooze times of anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes!

This app uses background ambient sounds, courtesy of freesound:

  • sound 1 (Ocean Waves at Pebble Beach) and sound 2 (Meltwater Distant) by Benboncan
  • http://freesound.org/people/benboncan
  • video demo background music courtesy of ERH (29760_erh_atmosphere-4)
Contact kevincohen99@gmail.com for questions or support.

Win, zsnuz or Draw

“lets you ease out of your afternoon siestas without ever having to touch a snooze button again” (Urban Daddy)


Missing some Zzzs?  Try zsnuz Nap App for iPad/iPhone 

“zsnuz is a clever little app, ideal for users who’d prefer not to meddle with their native alarm apps, and as zsnuz functions independently of the iOS alarm settings, can be used at a moments notice without worrying about other alarm setting conflicts.” (GearDiary.com)

Zsnuz – Smart iPhone App Delivers Stylish Nap Time

“The beneficial effects of an afternoon nap have been getting a bit of coverage lately. The problem is that setting an alarm to wake you up after half an hour is a pain and relying on your own body-clock to wake you up is beset with danger. Zsnuz, a funky looking app for iOS looks like the perfect solution.” (Geekosity.org)

zsnuz: The Zen of Napping Has Arrived on iOS